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Definition Of Technology
What Is Technology? Technology could be a body of data dedicated to making tools, process actions and therefore the extracting of materials. The term ‘Technology” is wide, and everybody has their means of understanding its which means. we have a tendency to use technology to accomplish varied tasks in our daily lives, in brief; we are able to describe technology as product and processes wont to modify our daily lives. we have a tendency to use technology to increase our skills, creating folks the foremost crucial a part of any technological system.

Technology is additionally associate application of science wont to solve issues. however it’s important to understand that technology and science ar completely different subjects that work hand-in-hand to accomplish specific tasks or solve issues.

We apply technology in virtually everything we have a tendency to waste our daily lives; we have a tendency to use technology at work, we have a tendency to use technology for communication, transportation, learning, producing, securing information, scaling businesses and then far more. Technology is human data that involves tools, materials, and systems. the appliance of technology usually leads to product. If technology is well applied, it edges humans, however the alternative is true, if used for malicious reasons.

Many businesses ar victimization technology to remain competitive, they produce new product and services victimization technology, and that they conjointly use technology to deliver those product and services to their customers on time and among budget. a decent example is mobile phones firms like Apple & Samsung, these mobile empires, use high-end technology to form new smartphones and alternative electronic devices to remain competitive. This competitive edge is gained through using advanced technology.

Let’s inspect an easy example of however folks use technology on a routine.

Advancing Technology
Technology is dynamic; it keeps on up as a result of our desires and demands for technology persevere dynamical. we’ve touched from the commercial age (industrial revolution) to associate degree modern era. throughout the commercial age, firms with massive sums of capital had the potential of using high-priced technological tools to achieve the competitive advantage; little businesses had less potential as a result of they may not afford high-priced producing or process technology tools. However, advancement in technology has created a replacement economic surroundings that depends on data, which is what we tend to decision the ‘’INFORMATION AGE’’. the data age provides a special work surroundings, and this has helped little businesses gain position in extremely competitive markets.

Let’s take a straightforward example and see however technology has advanced:

We use technology to accomplish varied tasks, thus technology comes in several forms. Below I actually have listed a number of the various kinds of technology we tend to use on a everyday associate degreed in every reasonably technology I actually have enclosed an example of that individual technology.

Communication Technology
This is a system that uses technical means that to transmit data or knowledge from one place to a different or from one person to a different. Communication could be a daily essential for all; it’s wont to convey concepts, exchange data, and categorical emotions. Humans use communication technology tools like phones, computers, emails, fax or electronic communication tools to remain in-tuned with friends and family. Businesses use communication technology tools to facilitate the flow of knowledge in an exceedingly work, to assist in higher cognitive process, to serve customers desires and requests, to market new merchandise or services to targeted shoppers then rather more.

Example Of Communication Technology
Plantronics M165 trade name two Ultralight Wireless Bluetooth receiver

This simple elegant device permits for a hands-free spoken language on any mobile device, it’s fully compatible with robot or IOS. It options twin microphones to scale back noise and wind interference for crystal clear decision quality. Also, it boasts over seven hours speak time.

Construction Technology
This is the study of advanced ways and instrumentation wont to build basic and advanced structures. One sort includes buildings and significant engineering structures like bridges. Construction ways use varied technological merchandise to erect a structure. the employment of construction technology tools like significant tractors to organize the land, package computer code to form digital styles for structures in 2nd and3D format. These tools beside several others facilitate builders to expeditiously complete a project on time, at intervals budget and with minimum accidents.

Example Of Construction Technology
Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2-Tool dance band Kit

Equipped with the simplest of Milwaukee’s technology these tools area unit ready for any job you’ll through at it. Supported by the simplest brushless motors obtainable and a strong M18 Battery Pack.

Assistive Technology
Assistive technology is employed by individuals with disabilities to accomplish specific tasks that area unit troublesome or not possible to perform. The term ”Assistive” means that serving to or providing an additional hand. helpful technology is getting used in some ways, in colleges it’s wont to facilitate students with syndrome to be told higher, it’s wont to facilitate individuals with disabled bodies move, in addition, with the employment of speech recognition applications people who global organizationit|square measure} unable to sort area unit able to use a pc then rather more. thanks to advancement in technology, we’ve a spread of helpful technologies that assist several to accomplish tasks which will well be thought-about not possible.

Example Of helpful Technology
Off-road chair

This cross-country chair will assist individuals with disabilities to maneuver well.

Medical Technology
This is the kind of technology that is employed to increase and improve human life. Medical technology reduces patient’s pain associate degreed cares for an injury. Developed countries have benefited from the employment of medical technology in their aid systems, and this explains the rationale why individuals in developed countries leave longer than individuals in developing countries. Medical technology is employed to diagnose infections, treat diseases and to analysis diseases moving humans, etc..

Example Of Medical Technology
TAP 20™ for Point-of-Care Testing – SeventhSensetap20 purpose of care testingThis Point-of-Care Testing will facilitate doctors acquire patient’s blood while not a diagnosing. It comes with numerous benefits that include:

– It’s painless for the patient.
-It keeps the blood sample till used for testing
Learn additional regarding Point-of-Care testing here.

Information Technology
Information Technology could be a set of hardware and computer code tools wont to store, transfer and method data. data technology tools facilitate in providing the correct individuals with the correct data at the correct time. data staff in a corporation use data technology to finish varied tasks, and these will include; transferring of knowledge that facilitates higher cognitive process at intervals a corporation, improve client service, then rather more. during this modern era, it’s imperative to manage data systems to confirm accuracy and potency. Management data systems (MIS) involves coming up with for, development, management, and use {of information|of data|of data} technology tools to assist knowledge staff and folks perform all tasks associated with science and management. massive money establishments like banks use data technology to control their entire businesses still as serve their customers.

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