Work From Home Jobs For Students and Womens to do Part time

work from home jobs
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In India, Students and Housewife generally have a lot of spare time and want to do part time jobs and utilize that time. But certainly, they either aren’t allowed to go out of home or aren’t allowed to earn either. Also adding they may not have that much skill to earn a decent job to work.
Needless to say, there are many reasons they require work from home jobs which should be a decent job and gives a decent sum of money within their skill and even part-time.
As being a student myself, working full time can’t be an option for me and that too with so much extensive course curriculum.

Being similar to all other students I can assure that we at some time need a part-time job, pick up high quality skills, gain work experience and all along earn some sort of money while studying.
To the context, Students must take up some work from home jobs totally based on part-time which can help them realize their strengths, weakness, interests and career path.
Altogether, there’s a vast number of Housewife’s who acquire good skills and knowledge and still choose to not work. So this article can be beneficial for them too if they really want to earn some sort of money being at home.
If you’re a college student/Housewife and you are looking for some flexible work from home jobs, part time jobs or freelance, there are huge options available for you to work.
Here are some of the amazing work from home jobs list. Find out the one suitable for you.

1. Part Time Sales :

If you have good communication skills and persuasive skills, you must try for the Part-time sales job and if you had planned for the career in sales then it can be beneficial for you more in future. You can consider taking up a part-time job of sales adviser from some big companies which offer such opportunities.
Some of the reputed companies are namely Meritnation, Amway, Nestle, Spice Digital and many more. They help you achieve good cash flow and experience working flexibly from home.
Also, you can join as a sales representative to some companies and can work for them and earn a good sum of money.

2. Market Research :

Organisations are always looking out to gather information and insight of their market, competition, competitors, and customers through various market research. This is another work wherein you can spend your free time judiciously.
Conduct market surveys and research analysis for some well known companies and earn experience certificates and also needless to say decent amount in return.
You can check for companies requiring these kind of market researchers, one of such organization is : Quickr.

3. Content Writing :

This is a great and best part-time job for college students as well as for Housewife’s who have excellent skills and flair in writing and have command of the language.
Companies are always in constant search for people who can generate content for their websites.

The best part is that different company requires different language and just English is not the only option, If you have command on Hindi or Bangla you can search for companies with these requirements.
This is one of the best work from home jobs in which you can get paid well and can make good use of your writing skills.
Here are some job sites where you can find clients to work with: Upwork, Fiverr, People per hour, Text broker and many more. All you require is to go to the site create an account and start getting deals and completing those on time and you can earn really good writing contents.

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4. Social Media Marketing :

Social Media is ruling the Internet nowadays and mainly the students and housewife’s have been involved in Social Media since year long. If you are among those who want to pursue the career or are interested in the digital field then this job is for you.

You can take up some social media marketing projects alongside your other works, build up some good network and start working.
But as it is a digital field you’ll require to learn some basic tools and gain experience and have some knowledge about SMM and start getting projects.
You can get projects from Fiverr, LinkedIn and many other sites available across the web.

5. Review Collection :

Customer reviews are the lifeblood of today’s organizations. As a customer, you must have given reviews to many of the online shopping sites from where you have bought some products. What if I say now you have to ask a customer to give reviews and you’ll get paid for every customer that gives review?
Isn’t it awesome that it can turn into work from home job opportunity?
Mamy companies like offers such projects that involve sourcing reviews directly from users.
Along with there are many shops owner/institutes new on google business who offers a good sum of money for every review you provide to them. You can also contact to them using email ids present over there.
It only takes a few minutes of your time to work on such projects and in return, you get just not only money but experience, certificate, and good skills.
All you need to do is build a network of your’s (Group) and contact companies to get projects.

6. Data Entry Job :

Data entry job is among famous job in work from home jobs. It involves typing information into electronic formats, whether that’s word processing, excel sheet or spreadsheets or some software. It can be a great career option too for the one who prefers to work from home.
This job is kind of straight forward by its name, you are required to enter information into a computerized database that may vary from company to company.
Like, if you work for sales company it could be sales data or personal information of clients.
Computers and typing skills are key for people looking for data entry job as the salary will totally be based on the amount of data you entered. Though it’s easy to get this skill but still you require a computer to work as a data entry operator.
There are enormous organization offering such jobs and indeed you can apply and get a one but be aware to not join an organization that looks like a scam.

7. Captcha Entry Jobs :

Captcha entry job is one of the simplest online work from home jobs for people who are looking around to earn around ₹ 10,000 and approximately more working part-time.
Although the earning is not that much good but the job is sort of easy. All you need to do is to find Captcha Entry sites and signup, After that on your control/admin panel, companies will provide you Captcha that you have to type correctly.
Some of the sites providing Captcha Entry jobs are: MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, and many more.

8. Mobile Apps :

While using your phone have you ever thought that it can make you money?
Yes! You’ve and that’s why you are here.
Nowadays there’s some plenty of apps available which are actually paying for uploading your videos to their server.
All you just need to do is make a video which is interesting and upload that to the app. You’ll get paid for the number of people who watches your video.
One of such app is BIGO LIVE.

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